Payment & Delivery

Delivery of AIRSIMe eSIM

Purchase an AIRSIMe eSIM data package from our website or the AIRSIM ROAM APP, then checkout by credit card. You shall receive a designated QR Code in email within 15 minutes.

Download your eSIM right before your trip only. You may download the eSIM directly from the AIRSIM ROAM APP by selecting < Valid Package > and < eSIM Download > from AIRSISM APP. Alternatively, you can also scan the QR Code that you received in email with your mobile phone.

Payment Method

You can use VISA or MASTER credit cards to make the payment. We use PayPal payment system, it is fast, highly secured and hassle-free payment platform which is widely accepted worldwide. Your credit card information will not be stored in our system. AIRSIMe is a Hong Kong company, overseas customers may be charged for a cross-border service fee (approx. 1.5%) by the local credit card issuing bank.