Japan - 4G Data

Destination: Japan Softbank Data - Unlimited (FUP app..

China - 4G Data

Destination: China Local Carrier: ..

Taiwan  - 4G Data

From HK$ 8 /Day

Destination: Taiwan Local Carrier:..

Korea - 4G Data

Destination: Korea (Unlimited Data) ..

Thailand - 4G Data

Destination: Thailand AIS 4G Local ..

Singapore - 4G Data

From HK$ 10 /Day

Destination: Singapore Local Carrier..

Macau -  4G Data

From HK$ 18 /Day

Destination: Macau 4G Local Carrier..

Hong Kong - 4G Data

Destination: Hong Kong Local Carrie..

Malaysia - 4G Data

From HK$ 10 /Day

Destination: Malaysia Local Carrier..

Guam, Saipan - 4G Data

From HK$ 40 /Day

Destination: Guam & Saipan Local..

USA - 4G Data

Destination: USA Local Carrier: ..

Canada - 4G Data

From HK$ 19 /Day

Destination: Canada (48Hrs - 15Days Limited Data) ..

Australia - 4G Data

Destination: Australia (Limited Data) ..

New Zealand  - 4G Data

From HK$ 13 /Day

Destination: New Zealand Local Carr..

Indonesia - 4G Data

From HK$ 14 /Day

Destination: Indonesia Local Carrie..

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