Purchase Information

a All AIRSIMe eSIM data package can be purchased from our website or the AIRSIM ROAM APP. You're recommended to download our two Mobile Apps, AIRSIM ROAM and AIRTALK ROAM, to facilitate the user experience throughout the journey.

b Select the destination, trip duration and your required data usage from our website or APP. 4 months advance purchase is allowed. You shall receive a designated QR Code of your eSIM in email within 15 minutes upon checkout. Every purchase comes with 30 minutes FREE AIRTALK talk-time for making local calls and calling back hometown at destination.

c If you cannot find the corresponding data package duration that fits your travel period, we suggest you select a data package with a longer period so that your user experience will not be affected by the time zone of different countries.

d Download your eSIM right before your trip only as AIRSIMe data package will be activated after the eSIM downloaded. You may download the eSIM in the AIRSIM ROAM APP directly or by scanning the QR Code. You are required to download the eSIM within 120 days from the date of purchase of the data package.

e Upon arrival, select the downloaded eSIM on your device and TURN ON < Data Roaming >, you should be able to access Internet.

f If the data capacity is used up during your trip, you can Top-Up extra data from the AIRSIM ROAM APP directly within 120 days from the date of activation of the AIRSIMe data package. If the downloaded eSIM is expired for Top-Up or not available for Top-Up option, you can simply buy a new AIRSIMe data package again.

g You can also choose to purchase a Recharge Voucher to top up your AIRSIMe account in AIRSIM ROAM APP, the balance in AIRSIMe account can be used to purchase data package. The expiry date of AIRSIMe account will be extended 1 year automatically from the date of purchase of any data package.