iOS System Setting

1 Download your eSIM right before your trip under stable internet connection.  Go to AIRSIM ROAM APP, select < Valid Package > and < eSIM Download >, then proceed to "Install Cellular Plan" and you are all set. Alternatively, you can download the eSIM by scanning the QR Code that displayed in APP or received in email with a mobile device. Please take note that you may not be able to scan the QR code with the same device, print out the QR Code in hard copy if you need to do so.

2 The eSIM will be downloaded within 1 minute. You will see from the signal bar upon arrival at your destination.
3 Upon arrival, select the downloaded eSIM from < Mobile Data > of your device and TURN ON < Data Roaming >, you can access to Internet. Try to restart your mobile phone if failed to access.
4 APN will be set automatically in most regions. If you are unable to access to the Internet, please check if the APN is set correctly. Setting up APN manually may be required in some destinations such as South America. Please refer to the following diagrams and the APN & Carrier list. For example, if you are in Cambodia, the APN should be 3gnet. Please enter the corresponding APN according to the list.

5 If the connection fails, it may be due to the poor network coverage at the current location, please restart the mobile phone at other location.
6 If you will visit another destination and use another eSIM, please follow the above Steps 1-3.
7 Some mobile phone models are unable to search and select the network automatically, you may need to select the Carrier network manually, please refer to the following steps and the APN & Carrier list. For example, if you are in Hong Kong, the carrier is China Mobile HK.
8 If you are still unable to use the data service or connect to the 4G network (where applicable), please restart the mobile phone.
9 When switching to other SIM card from AIRSIMe eSIM, please remember to turn off data roaming function, in order to avoid unnecessary roaming charges.